Steve McKinzie

Office: Corriher-Linn-Black Library
Catawba College: Salisbury, NC
Phone: 704-637-4449
Fax: 704-637-4304

Position and Responsibilities:  
Library Director at Catawba College, currently improving our collection and increasing our services to students and faculty. 

Selected Publications

  • "Second Thoughts on Net Neutraility: What we Have Lost in the FCC's New Oversight of the Web,"Against the Grain, 27:4 (Sept. 2015), 56-7.

  • "Bad Metaphors and Good: Why Weeding the Collection Isn't Really Weeding at all," Against the Grain, 25, 3 (June 2013), 2.

  • "ATG Article of the Week: Lies and Damn Lies: Issues in Collection Development." ATG Online. January 5, 2012.

  • "Confessions of a Reluctant Advocate. Why Any Sensible Notion of Financial Sustanainability Means Libraries Should Refuse Fedeeral Dollars: Or Stop the Flow of Federal Library Bucks: It Ain't Sustainable." Against the Grain, 23, 2. (April 2011), 60.

  • "Tenure and Teamwork: Do They Go Together. A Modest Case Against Granting Librarian Tenure." Against the Grain, 22, 6 (Dec. 2010).

  • "Tenure for Academic Librarians: Why it Has to Go," Against the Grain, 22, 4 (Sept. 2010), 60.

  • "Professional Growth and the Academic Librarian: The Best Approach," Against the Grain, 22, 1 (Feb. 2010), 60-1.

  • "The American Library Association and Professional Limits:  The Case for Saying Less,"  Against the Grain, 21, 5 (Nov. 2009), 76. 

  • "Collection Development and Bellisile's Arming of America: The Case for Getting Rid of a Celebrated Book," Against the Grain, 21:4 (Sept. 2009), 10.

  • "Breaking all the Rules:  Library Renovation at Catawba College," Against the Grain, 20:6 (Dec. 2008 / Jan. 2009), 50-51. 
  • with Keith Engwall,  "Collaboration and Context:  Wikis in the Workplace,"   Against the Grain, 20:1 (Feb. 2008), 79-81.
  • "Our Professional Image," Library Philosophy and Practice, (December 2007).
  • "Library and IT Mergers: Are they Successful? Reference Services Review, 35, no. 3 (August 2007), 340-3.
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  • "Troubling Choices: Full-text Access and the Old Hard Copy Back Runs," Against the Grain, 17, 1 (February 2005), 60-1.
  • "Books and the Future of Collection Development?" Against the Grain, 16:5 (November 2004): 56.
  • With Jonathan Lauer,  "Virtual Reference: Overrated, Inflated, and Not Even Real." Charleston Advisor, 4 no. 2 (October 2002).
  • "For Ethical Reference, Pare the Paraprofessionals," American Libraries, 33, no. 9 (October 2002) 42.  
  • "Twenty-five Years of Collegial Management: The Dickinson College Model of Revolving Leadership and Holistic Librarianship."  Library Philosophy and Practice, 2 no. 2 (Spring 2000).

    In Addition...

  • Curricular Vitae [Work in Progress]