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PDF Checklists:           Amphibian and Reptiles    Birds   Bivalves     Butterflies       Mammals     Vascular Plants

About the Preserve:  Multi Taxa Preserve Poster (Cooley and Bolin 2013)

Keys to Selected Taxa: Key to Ferns of the Stanback Preserve and S. Yadkin Refuge

Trail Map of the Fred Stanback Jr. Ecological Preserve

Trail Map of the adjacent, Horizons Unlimited, Tom E. Smith Exploratorium, RSSS 

All checklists were compiled and organized by Catawba College Faculty and Students. Biodiversity Project Initiated 1/13 by J. Cooley. Trail maps and brochures Created by Catwaba College students ENV 3599 Spring 2014-Field GPS.

The on-campus 189-acre Fred Stanback Jr. Ecological Preserve, located adjacent to Catawba College's Center for the Environment facility, provides uncommon opportunities for research and field work.

In 1998 the Center for the Environment and Catawba College worked with the LandTrust for Central North Carolina to place the preserve under a permanent conservation easement, which ensures that the land will always be held in its natural state. The Ecological Preserve is managed and maintained by the Center for the Environment staff, Catawba students and volunteers.

The preserve floodplain drains towards Grants Creek, includes Lake Baranski, and several man made ponds and ditches. These areas and adjacent Salisbury School lands (Horizons Unlimited) have been designated by the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program as a significant Natural Heritage Area.


Catawba College Environmental Science, Biology and Center for the Environment

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