Resources and Documents for Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
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Magic Square lab

Traffic Jam lab

Balance Beams Negative - then click the Algebra 6-8 cell and the manipulative called Balance Scales Negative to solve 10-12 equations.

For a balance beam that is more developmentally appropriate for elementary students go to: - then click on links for a variety of levels.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Illuminations: Activities and lessons, and web links by Grade bands and Standards

Other sites for problems and activities:

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Class Activites:
Figurative Numbers Linear and Quadrativ Relationships
Functions and Real Relationships
Investigations Systems
Mathematical Investigation Systems of Equations
PFA Class Opener Extending Magic Squares
Traffic Jam Activity
Understanding Lines
What Comes Next As Animal Parade Warmup

Homework Exploring Functions for Friday
Homework Growth and Geometric Patterns for Saturday

Graph Paper and Magic Squares:
Coordinate Plane
First Quadrant Axes
First Quadrant Coordinate Plane
Isometric Dots
Magic Square Worksheet
Square Dots
Triangle Dots

Additional Background Class Activities:
Algebra Lab
Ocean Quest
Balance Index
Pattern Blocks and Growth Elementary
Illuminations What Comes Next
PFA Class Opener Extending Magic Squares

Additional Acitivities and Lessons:
Illuminations Constant Dimensions
Pattern Block Trains Perimeter
UEN Growing Patterns
Illuminations Algebraic Transformations
Illuminations Counting the Trains
Pattern Lab
Websites for Equations and Systems
Illumniations Barbie Bungee
Number Tricks Investigation
Pattern Block Trains