WebBooks for History Courses 

Dr. Charlie McAllister


"The past is never dead. It's not even past." -- William Faulkner (1950)


"Respecting him less, Thou would'st have asked less of him." -- Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov (1879-80)




CORE: Core -- Key resources for all courses


American History, I: I: Liberty and II: Freedom


Americas: 'murica -- Valuable links for studying real history


Ancient Eastern World: I: India/China and II: China/Japan


Ancient Greece: I: The Odyssey and II: The Peloponnesian War


Ancient Rome: I: Republic, II: Augustus, and III: Empire


Africa in World History: I: Foundations and II: Independence 


Becoming Italian: Becoming Italian: Film and Culture after WWII


Britain: I: Reformations, II: Revolutions, and III: Resolutions


Contemporary World: I: Global Wars and II: Brave New Worlds


Courses: Courses -- Forty-nine courses taught across a dozen Liberal Arts areas, and other activities


Dante and Friends: I: Inferno, II: Purgatorio, III: Paradiso, IV: Friends, and V: Dante the Poet


Emerging Western World: I: Athens and II: Florence 


First Year Seminar: I: McFrosh and II: McArt


The Great War (1914-18): I: Mud and II: Memory


Historiography: Historiography


Let's Talk About It

Mapping History: Online maps for the World


Math, Art, and Culture: MAC


Modern Western World: I: Revolutions and II: Rights


Mythology and Fine Arts: I: Divinities and II: Legends


Political Theory

Reformation: Reformation


Renaissance: I: 14C Italy, II: 15C Flanders and Florence, III: 16C Italy, and IV: 16C Northern Europe


Travels: Domestic and Foreign


War and Peace: War and Peace


World Religions in Art: World Religions in Art


World War: World War II (1939-45)